The Purpose of this Scholarship is to promote a positive impact in our Community and World … Making Impact-Makers.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Academics — Performs well academically and has clear plans for continuing education
  • Character — Exemplify kindness and compassion for others
  • Leadership — Exhibits leadership skills
  • Service — Demonstrates commitment to community service

Scholarship Process:

Graduating Seniors must be complete our 2-Step Application Requirements:

  1. Students must submit an Online Application
  2. Students must submit/email only ONE Letter of Recommendation
    • Date
    • Student’s Full Name and Name of School
    • Name/Title and relationship to the Student

After Application is Completed:

  • The “See Ya Later” Scholarship Committee will review applications and finalists will be interviewed.
  • The finalists will be notified and an interview will be arranged at the “See Ya Later” office.
  • All awards are one-time only and will be sent directly to the educational institution once the student has been accepted and enrolled.
  • Winners will be selected by a totally objective numerical scoring basis by the Scholarship Committee. 

Applications submitted without a Letter of Recommendation will not be considered.

For Washington’s Students: 

Six (6) $2,500 Scholarships will be awarded in Auburn, Washington from:

  • Auburn High School
  • Auburn Riverside High School
  • Auburn Mountainview High School
  • West Auburn High School
  • OR an At-Large Award may be presented to ANY graduating senior residing in Auburn attending other public or private accredited high school in Auburn (includes home school).

Applications will be accepted by the student online only. The “See Ya Later” Scholarship Committee will review all applications and letters and will narrow down the candidates to the top 12 candidates.


Remember to complete our 2-Step Application Requirements

  1. Submit your Online Application
  2. Email one Letter of Recommendation to and ensure that your Full Name and School are included with your letter. PDF/WORD preferably. 

Applications and one Letter of Recommendation must be received by April 8th.

For more information please contact:

The Scholarship Interview Team is privileged and amazed to meet many incredible and dynamic young people.

Check out some of our previous Washington scholarship winners here.

The “See Ya Later” Foundation has awarded Scholarships to 105 Oregon Students totaling $225,500 beginning in 2007 and Scholarships to 55 Washington Students totaling $93,500 since their first year in 2012.

As of 2023: $319,000 has been given away to 160 Students!