At the “See Ya Later” Foundation we are confident that are mission is having an affect on thousands of families and children. We could tell you stories upon stories about the experiences and results those experiences have created, but you don’t want to hear from us. Here are some comments we have received over the years that we feel give anyone a good understanding of why we continue to organize sport camps, give out college scholarships, and most importantly provide Seeds of Hope for families going through a hard time due to a medical crisis.

If one or more of these stories have moved you, and you would like to help our foundation, please go to our Hope Giver page to learn how you can get involved. There are plenty of ways we could use your help.

-Why were you motivated to donate to the SYL Foundation?
We were inspired to donate to the SYL Foundation after learning about Scottie and all the wonderful work the foundation has done for others in honor of his memory.

-What types of activities/programs keep you involved with SYL?
I love to volunteer for the foundation and share with others all the wonderful ways they too can help. The youth camps & the annual golf tournament are two of my favorites. The camps are so much fun! The coaches bring so much enthusiasm & knowledge and the kids all seem to soak it up. It is really cool to see a shy child come out of their shell, learn some fundamentals and have a fun time too.

-What are your favorite aspects of the SYL Foundation?
Our monthly donation as a Hope Giver is for Seeds of Hope. The Seeds of Hope is our favorite aspect of the foundation mainly because of the help they give to families that are going through a medical crisis. Providing help to a family who's daily life has been turned upside down really allows the family to concentrate on just being together & that is so important.
All the work The Foundation does for our communities is very inspiring and we hope to be able to help out more in the future, we are proud to donate to The SYL Foundation.

Ray and Julie Pratt


I just wanted to thank you for the great experience that my son had at the Dante’s Inferno Football Camp. Kyle has not stopped talking about it. What a great way to boost his self esteem! Please let me know of any future camps when they become available! Please be sure to thank everyone involved for me, I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

Can’t wait to see ya later!

April R.


I just wanted to drop a note and say THANK YOU to you, Dante’ Rosario and the SeeYaLater organization. KaSean had an incredible time! He hasn’t stopped talking about it with his friends and family. He said he learned a lot and that it was a wonderful time. He said it was fun, entertaining and that it helped his skill level in football. He really seemed to take a lot from it. He said he felt safe there the whole time and it was really a good and well planned camp.

He was thrilled to actually be able to sit and talk with Dante’, that in itself to him was amazing. Football is his dream and this camp inspired him even more. To be able to meet an NFL player but that he was such a ‘regular’ person (as he referred to Dante’) and to be able to talk with him about ball was great motivation for him. He has played two seasons Pop Warner football; this year will be his third. The last 2 years he maintained a 3.0 + GPA throughout the season and won MVP both seasons obtaining most yards rushing, most interceptions and most touchdowns. This year his goal is to maintain a 3.5GPA all season (and we can hope for MVP again).

I just wanted to say Thanks again. As a single parent that does it all on my own with no assistance or help, this program is SO incredible. There have been many times I’d like my boys to participate in sport camps but unfortunately I am not able to come up with the funds to get them there or to pay the participation fees. This was a top notch camp and his involvement in it was priceless to him, and to me!

Have a wonderful summer and keep up the great work! My son and I appreciate the opportunity to have been involved more than we could ever put into words!!!


Mikki W.


It’s great to be reminded of the feeling when I received the memorial scholarship and now to reflect back on where the scholarship has lead me too. I’m sure your new scholarship recipients will take pride in the honor and strive to do their best. I just graduation from Chemeketa a couple weeks ago, and what a feeling of accomplishment.This summer I’m working as a full time nanny for a family in McMinnville. It’s a really fun way to enjoy my summer but also make some income. This fall I will be looking for a preschool teaching position, I’m hoping to work in town and give back to the community. May you all enjoy the summer sunshine!

Best Wishes,



I just wanted to tell you a huge ‘Thank you’ for all that you and your friends at the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation did for Brent, Brenda and Karly last night. The party was amazing and the ‘after party’ at their house really touched their hearts! She had tears and was so amazed! The wooden box with Karly’s name on it was an immediate hit. Karly filled it up with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! Now you know what the treasure in her life is!Thanks again for all that your foundation did. I cannot say enough good things about you.

Karen J.


I was visiting my daughter and son-in-law, Ken and Michelle Fullington, in Portland, Oregon on Wed., 6-17, when you visited them with extra nursing care – allowing them a long-overdue “date”. But it didn’t stop there. After Natalie arrived, a limo arrived to whisk them off to their dinner. But it didn’t stop there. Three very nice and caring people arrived to unload about 10 sacks of groceries. And then there was the wood box with the “Veggie Tales” and Kira’s name on it. You just don’t stop!

I know this will probably not be the end of it, but I have to tell you, I was absolutely blown away. The care and giving you give to families stressed by unique situations in their lives makes them feel loved and special. This also makes them better, loving, caring parents to their special children, not that Ken and Michelle were not already caring and loving, but to have this acknowledged by non-family members was a joy to see. Michelle was thinking that it was too bad this was to happen while I was visiting, but we went shopping for something to wear that night and to a salon for a needed haircut and what better way to spend time with your daughter. I felt extremely blessed to be a part of this and to see the work you do.I know God is blessing you and your families and may you be able to continue such incredible events for families with very special children with very special needs.

Judy R.


Your team of Volunteers is an amazing group of people who have supported us in one of our most needed times. It’s your support that got us through the surgery and recovery. We will be forever grateful and remember all of you! I can’t put in words how much you’ve all helped us.

Thank you,

The Coronado Family


Your empathy, sympathy and kindness doesn’t just touch our family…it touches our community. Please know that you are wonderfully loved and held very dear to us. We hope that you are able to touch families for years to come.

Thank you for loving us,

Yates Family


THANK YOU!!! To everyone from the Seeds of Hope Team,

We would like to truly thank you all, for organizing the yard work “recruit”. Everyone who was a part of it did such an amazing job. Our yard looks wonderful, like the first day we bought our home! God knows we truly needed help around the yard, this just took SO much stress off our everyday lives!…and we have U to thank! Insofar, one less thing to worry about! Furthermore, it makes it so much more enjoyable to spend time with our kids in our “new” backyard and enjoy the play structure even more! Thanks so much to everyone who was part of this, may God ultimately bless you all for your hard work and never-ending care towards our family!


The Garcia Family


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SYL Oregon
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P.O. Box 1281
McMinnville, OR 97128

105 NE 10th St
McMinnville, OR 97128


SYL Washington
"See Ya Later" Foundation

P.O. Box 8
Auburn, WA 98071

204 Auburn Ave
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