“Go Be Great” Volleyball Camp

“Go Be Great” Volleyball Camp participants will learn all aspects of the game – from passing to setting, hitting, and serving – through focused drills and exercises. This program caters to beginners and intermediate players, integrating valuable life skills like teamwork and sportsmanship. Our instructors will guide each player in learning the game's essential skills with interactive drills and scrimmages to enhance overall performance.


Important Camp Details:

Date: August 16 & 17, 2024

Grades: 3rd - 8th 

Location: Dayton High School


3rd - 5th Grades: 9am - 12pm

6th - 8th Grades: 1pm - 4pm

Camp Directors: Megan Webster (DHS) and Taylor Petersen (MHS)

Registration Fee: $40 per child. Although we wish that ever child enjoys this great opportunity. If the fees limit your child’s attendance, please mark the scholarship box on the registration form with no questions asked.


For Camp questions, please contact waylon@seeyalater.org.

More Camp Details:

Check-In: 30 minutes prior to each Session

Snack: A light snack will be provided.

What to bring: Nothing! 

Medical Items: Please drop off any medical items at the First Aid Station.

Limit: 120 (60 per session) spots per sessions available   

Sponsorship Opportunities are available! Contact Waylon@seeyalater.org 

Please Note the following:

-Registrations will be open 10-12 weeks prior to Camp! Due to the popularity of this Camp, registrations will fill up quickly! Please let us know if your Registered Camper will not be able to attend, so we can allow more kids to participate

-Due to our Insurance and Foundation criteria, only kids in 3rd – 8th grades will be allowed at this Camp. Thank you for your understanding.

-Food Allergry Warning: Camp food or snacks may contain nuts, peanuts or tree nuts products and may be package on equipment that also packages products that contain nuts, peanuts or tree nuts products.

-Plenty of water will be available during camp.

-A short motivational talk will be shared

-No transportation available

-All coaches have passed a strict background check and have agreed to the “See Ya Later” Code of Conduct to insure the utmost protection for every child.

-Visitors during Camp: Family members and friends are welcome to observe from the designated areas but please, only Campers, Coaches and SYL Staff will be allowed on the playing fields.

If you would like more information regarding Volleyball Camp please contact us at waylon@seeyalater.org.

To view a copy of the “See Ya Later” Foundation’s Disciplinary Policy for all Campers CLICK HERE.