Name and Foundation Position:

Tina Kelley, Board Member


Contribution to the Foundation: 

My relationship with SYL began with limited knowledge, but my eyes were quickly opened to the amazing impact this organization has in the community. Over the last 9 years I’ve tried to be available to SYL for anything including inputting auction items, setting up lunch at youth camps, and manning the registration table at various events. I’m now blessed to serve as the camp registration coordinator and a permanent fixture at the registration table during our annual golf tournament!


Strengths You Add to the Board:

In addition to being very detail oriented, I have a passion for strategic planning and a background in marketing. I naturally approach situations and projects in a way that allows me to consider every possible scenario in an effort to be proactive rather than reactive. I thrive in taking ideas and developing a plan to make them a reality. As SYL enters a new chapter of planning for growth and, maybe even, transition to new community offerings I’m excited to lend my skills and gifts.


Most Important Aspect of the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

I think the most important aspect of SYL is that everything the foundation does and everything it is involved in provides and brings hope. The one thing everyone can use more of is hope. 


Why Did You Get Involved with the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

This question is fully answered below - in short, because of the impact that SYL has on those it comes in contact with and the potential impact of the future.


Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

This is easy - one of the first events I participated in was a Seeds of Hope Christmas Party at Scotty’s Playhouse. I was there solely to take a few pictures and document the event on SYL’s social media platforms, but what I witnessed through the viewfinder on my camera clenched my heart. In that facility were a myriad of families from various backgrounds, some had overcome a healthcare crisis while others were still in the midst of fear and the unknown. The amazing thing is all that was captured in those pictures was pure joy. For a few hours that evening, these families weren’t defined by what they had overcome or were still dealing with. They could just be a family surrounded by overwhelming love - that’s when I knew I wanted to be involved at a deeper level.


Where Do You See the Foundation In 5 Years: 

I would love it if we were breaking ground on a community facility that provided the freedom to further encourage families and inspire youth every single day and on a much larger scale.

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