Name & Foundation Position:

Tim Harris, Foundation President.

Contribution to the Foundation:

I feel one of my main contributions is that of vision caster. I help steer and dream about what our organization is going to do and accomplish in the future and help the team come together in a common goal.

Strengths You Add to the Board:

I would say my strengths are leadership, work ethic, team building, business world knowledge, and marketing.

Most Important Aspect of the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

All of what we do is vitally important in the lives of youth and families. Some aspects seem to pull on heart strings more than others however, the ending future impact for our Foundation’s purpose is the same.

Why Did You Get Involved with the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

Scott Banke. As a 10 year old boy with cancer he had more faith, hope and love than most Christians I know. His attitude and love for God during his struggle with cancer changed my perspective on what God wants for us. I made a commitment when he died that I would not let that light go out and I never will.

Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

Too many to pick from really. Obviously the opening of Scotty’s playhouse is a day we will never forget. But days in which a thank you card comes in from a single mom, because her son was lifted up a camp is just as special to me. Seeing a young Hispanic boy who was on his way to dropping out of high school win our college scholarship was a moment that changed his life forever or hearing kids scream I caught one at the fishing derbies to, seeing a kid make his first basket or get the autograph of a NFL football star are moments that are very treasured.

Where Do You See the Foundation In 5 Years:

Go big or go home! I hope to be completing construction on See Ya Later Sports and Community Center and expanded to a few other select cities.

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