-Why were you motivated to donate to the SYL Foundation?
We were inspired to donate to the SYL Foundation after learning about Scottie and all the wonderful work the foundation has done for others in honor of his memory.

-What types of activities/programs keep you involved with SYL?
I love to volunteer for the foundation and share with others all the wonderful ways they too can help. The youth camps & the annual golf tournament are two of my favorites. The camps are so much fun! The coaches bring so much enthusiasm & knowledge and the kids all seem to soak it up. It is really cool to see a shy child come out of their shell, learn some fundamentals and have a fun time too.

-What are your favorite aspects of the SYL Foundation?
Our monthly donation as a Hope Giver is for Seeds of Hope. The Seeds of Hope is our favorite aspect of the foundation mainly because of the help they give to families that are going through a medical crisis. Providing help to a family who's daily life has been turned upside down really allows the family to concentrate on just being together & that is so important.
All the work The Foundation does for our communities is very inspiring and we hope to be able to help out more in the future, we are proud to donate to The SYL Foundation.

Ray and Julie Pratt