Name & Foundation Position:

Jeff Yates, I am a Foundation Board Member

Contribution to the Foundation:

I bring a big voice to the foundation, in more ways than one. As a volunteer since the early days, I feel I bring an energy and passion for what we do that is unable to be silenced.

Strengths You Add to the Board:

As one of the earliest recipients of the support and help of the Seeds of Hope portion of the foundation, I feel that I bring a lot of compassion and empathy to the group. Knowing what that feels like to go through that with my own family, it gives a perspective of how we can be better, do better, and help more.

Most Important Aspect of the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

Seeds of Hope is in my opinion the most emotionally impactful. Coming alongside and helping families that are going through the worst thing they could ever experience is hugely important! The kids camps are also extremely impactful to the youth of our community. Being able to provide low-cost high-quality sports camps makes a huge difference for these kids. But I can’t leave out the scholarships… what a huge opportunity to meet and help some of our communities next leaders!  It’s impossible to pick the most important aspect.. they are all incredible opportunities to serve those who need it most. 

Why Did You Get Involved with the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation?

My family was one of the first ever recipients of the love and support of Seeds of Hope. They came alongside us and walked with us through 6 years of medical struggles and ultimately the loss of our daughter Allison. I’ve been giving back as much as possible since then. 

Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

The dunk that almost was… if you know, you know! If you don’t, track me down and ask me about it. You won’t be disappointed! 

Where Do You See the Foundation In 5 Years?

Lighting up the world like 4th of July fireworks. Lord willing, with the amazing group of people we have volunteering their time and energy, we’ll be expanding into more and more areas. Impacting so many more families and inspiring so many more kids to be the best they can be

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