Name & Foundation Position:

Dana Nuets, Board Member

Contribution to the Foundation:

Though new to the foundation, I have already served as a volunteer at a community event, wrapped gifts for SYL Washington’s Christmas party, donated to the annual fundraiser, and raised funds through two community partners. I hope to grow the foundation’s partnerships through my connections in the Kent-Covington-Maple Valley area. I have a wide skill set in communications, PR, community relations, board leadership and organization, fundraising and grant writing. I will contribute however I am needed to help the foundation reach its goals.

Strengths You Add to the Board:

I am a high energy, enthusiastic doer who is passionate about nonprofits and community, and I enjoy using my talents and skills to help an organization bring its vision and goals to reality. I have extensive board experience and enjoy the challenge of helping an organization grow in new and exciting ways. I am a good listener and problem solver, and I love connecting people with similar interests to causes they believe in. My education in business, management and leadership and my decades of experience supporting nonprofits will help support SYL as it enters its next phase of growth. I am also a good big picture thinker. I can do day-to-day ops as well as step back to see the organization holistically as it explores new opportunities.

Most Important Aspect of the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

Since first learning about 'See Ya Later', I have been touched by the incredible passion Scotty’s family has for continuing his legacy by helping other families. They took immense pain and grief and channeled it into an opportunity to bring joy and hope to others through Seeds of Hope, scholarships for impact makers, and youth sports programs. Though Scotty may be gone, his story and his love of life lives on through his family and the hearts of the thousands of people 'See Ya Later' Foundation has touched over the years.

Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

Though the December 2023 “Giving Tree” event at Kent Station had the worst weather possible, high school students came to entertain guests, the Kent Station team and Kent Police Department came out in full force, and volunteers came to spread the word about "See Ya Later" and the Giving Tree. Visitors stopped to take photos in the snow globe, hear a memorable version of “The Grinch,” and take tags off the tree to buy Christmas gifts for kids to make their holiday a little brighter. The rain and the cold, windy weather didn’t scare the staff or volunteers off. They were warmed by their mission and the ability to make a difference for those they serve.

Where Do You See the Foundation In 5 Years:

I would love to see the foundation continue to grow to serve more families and to establish more sustainable sources of funding to fuel and support that growth. It would be great to hire more staff and to secure more long-term partnerships with community organizations and corporate funders.

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