Name & Foundation Position:

Caleb Kearns, Vice President

Contribution to the Foundation:

I have been attending and participating in SYL events since the beginning of the foundation in 2001 as a Junior in High School. My father and family have always been supporters of the Mission statement of Inspiring Youth and Encouraging Families—my goal in joining the SYL Board is to continue the legacy of the Mission Statement. Community enrichment becomes much more valuable when the focus is on our youth, and families with children fighting life threatening illnesses.

Strengths You Add to the Board:

I hope to add Energy and Passion to an already energized and passionate foundation. I am determined to share the Banke family story, so we can reach others, like myself and my fellow-board-member Wife, Cressie, to get INVOLVED.

Most Important Aspect of the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

My community needs new and improved “Staples” to hold it together during trying and transitional times—SYL is one of those staples—the foundation says “yes” when most would say “no.”

Why Did You Get Involved with the ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation?

By attending events, and hearing Bob, Carmen, and Leslie speak, I found myself asking, “why NOT get involved with this foundation?”

Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

SYL 5th Annual Football Camp, 2019-4th of July Firework Show, Yodeling in a Kilt at the Golf Tournament

Where Do You See the Foundation In 5 Years?

God-willing, continuing to inspire youth and encouraging families—you can seldom find a better calling than that.

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