Name & Foundation Position:

“Russ Wilkins, I’m a board member of the “See Ya Later” Foundation.”

Contribution to the Foundation:

“My desire to do whatever task necessary and to strengthen the foundation by reaching out to any individual with passion, no matter what their background is.”

Strengths You Add To The Board:

“My willingness to overcome any obstacle in order to get the job done right, no matter how small the task.”

Most Important Aspect of The ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

“I believe that SYL will be based on our lasting commitment to the children in our community, giving them an opportunity to sustain the simple joy and positive moments the foundation provides.”

Why Did You Get Involved with The ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation?

“‘Scotty’, it is that simple. My son and Scotty played together, as well as got into mischief together in church. After he passed away and I saw how Scotty’s faith and strength at such a young age, touched so many lives, I felt that if I can but touch a fraction of the people he did, I would have accomplished what I needed to in life. Scotty inspired many people, including myself.”

Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

“Watching the “See Ya Later” Foundation grow to what it is today and dreaming what it will become tomorrow.”

Where Do You See Foundation In 5 Years?

“I envision the foundation continuing to flourish with the near completion of the Sports Complex in McMinnville and a very active plan to continue reaching into the surrounding communities. Continuing a great success in Washington and seeing them start a Complex of their own.”

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