I just wanted to drop a note and say THANK YOU to you, Dante’ Rosario and the SeeYaLater organization. KaSean had an incredible time! He hasn’t stopped talking about it with his friends and family. He said he learned a lot and that it was a wonderful time. He said it was fun, entertaining and that it helped his skill level in football. He really seemed to take a lot from it. He said he felt safe there the whole time and it was really a good and well planned camp.

He was thrilled to actually be able to sit and talk with Dante’, that in itself to him was amazing. Football is his dream and this camp inspired him even more. To be able to meet an NFL player but that he was such a ‘regular’ person (as he referred to Dante’) and to be able to talk with him about ball was great motivation for him. He has played two seasons Pop Warner football; this year will be his third. The last 2 years he maintained a 3.0 + GPA throughout the season and won MVP both seasons obtaining most yards rushing, most interceptions and most touchdowns. This year his goal is to maintain a 3.5GPA all season (and we can hope for MVP again).

I just wanted to say Thanks again. As a single parent that does it all on my own with no assistance or help, this program is SO incredible. There have been many times I’d like my boys to participate in sport camps but unfortunately I am not able to come up with the funds to get them there or to pay the participation fees. This was a top notch camp and his involvement in it was priceless to him, and to me!

Have a wonderful summer and keep up the great work! My son and I appreciate the opportunity to have been involved more than we could ever put into words!!!


Mikki W.