Nick Konkler from Auburn, Washington was a fighter. At 17, he was fighting Secondary AML Leukemia. This was his 3rd time having to fight. Nick was diagnosed at the age of 4 with a brain tumor, then at 11 he was diagnosed with AML. He was in remission for a while and then the symptoms came back during his junior year of high school.

During Nick’s senior year at Auburn Riverside High School he was voted the 2014 Homecoming King. During his junior year he was voted “Best Fighter” at the Verizon “No Texting and Driving” Assembly with the Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate.

The Seeds of Hope program through the “See Ya Later” Foundation provided Nick’s family and friends a zip lining experience to Canopy’s NW on Camano Island. Nick and nine friends were able to zipthrough the forested areas and spend some great time together. Our friends at M&M’s donated premium backpacks to everyone but Nick’s backpack had over $900 in gift cards to all of his favorite spots, as well as a membership on Xbox so that he could play online games with his friends. Nick is also into cars, so our friends at My Town Motors worked on Nick’s truck while he was in the hospital and put it in tip top shape for when he was discharged from the hospital.

Sadly, Nick passed away in February of 2015. Nick stated that he wanted to make sure he made an impact in the lives of others. He had a great idea to build a fun platform to place on IV poles so that kids would have a place to sit safely as their parents walked them down the halls of the hospital. Each pad is custom made and hand painted to fit on the IV poles so parents and friends can give a patient a ride while connected. With donations of supplies from the Lowe’s in Auburn, “See Ya Later” Foundation put this Lily Pad Project in the hands of the wood shop and art classes at Auburn Riverside High School. Together, they made 51 pads! They delivered the first 11 pads to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Health Center and 40 to Seattle Children’s Hospital where Nick received care.

The Mayor of Auburn, proclaimed March 7, 2015, as “Nicholas R. Konkler Day of Remembrance.” A life cut short by cancer causes us much sadness. We can take comfort to know that Nick’s motto of “Keep on Truckin” can live through us and we can carry his example of giving and caring about those around us even when things are not going as we would like.

Nick’s Lily Pad Project is exploding!! A super cool idea and a great way to honor Nick. #keepontruckin

The “See Ya Later” Foundation has had requests from all over the USA and now some international requests as well. Nick’s mom, Christina is the official contact for this and will respond to any requests/questions at “Job well done Nick!!”