Name & Foundation Position:

John Jolliff, I am a Foundation Board Member

Contribution to the Foundation:

I have been on the board since 2016 and love this organization.   The board includes a group of dedicated and talented people that have a great love for the community are truly committed to the SYL mission.   I do my best to add value to the board and participate with events and projects as needs arise.  

Strengths You Add To The Board:

I seek to help SYL through the use of my background in administration, operations, analytics and marketing as we continue to have a significant impact on families in our community. 

Most Important Aspect of The ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation:

There is much that SYL does for the community including youth camps and scholarships, but my favorite aspect is the significant and practical impact that SYL has on families through the Seeds of Hope program.

Why Did You Get Involved with The ‘See Ya Later’ Foundation?

As a co-worker with Tim Harris for 20+ years, I had tremendous exposure to SYL and was motivated to help because of the impact on the community.  The need is great!

Most Memorable ‘See Ya Later’ Moment:

The opportunity to help deliver Christmas gifts to Seeds of Hope families.   The impact and importance for these families is very touching.

Where Do You See Foundation In 5 Years?

Continuing to impact the community in areas of significant need, encouraging families, inspiring youth and building towards an incredible Champions Center  

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