See Ya Later

Scotty’s Playhouse

Scotty’s Playhouse was built in honor of Scott Banke, Karina Hargis and Grace Blanchard—three children who, by some standards, left this world far to early. A large mural, rising 30 feet above the floor memorializes the lives of these three children and others. The 3,000 sq. ft. playhouse also contains one of the largest indoor play structures in the Northwest, as well as a tot lot for younger kids and a cafe-type seating area for adults. In 2011, a dedication to Allison Yates was added to the memorial mural. Though Scotty’s Playhouse pays tribute to Scott, Karina, Grace and Allison, it is a gift to all children in this community from the parents of those the children, from the “See Ya Later” Foundation and from the Church on the Hill family.

Scotty’s Playhouse is owned and managed by the Church on the Hill.  For more information about Scotty’s Playhouse click here.

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