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Champions Center

It’s no secret: kids who have access to recreation, sports, positive adult role models and a supportive community environment grow up happier, healthier and with increased opportunities for their future. Yet a 2011 National Citizen Survey™ of McMinnville found that our community had a rating much below the benchmark for youth services.

The “See Ya Later” Foundation is not content to let another generation of our community’s young people grow up without the resources and programs that so dramatically influence their quality of life. Our youth are hungry for hope, eager for leadership, and yearn to be thought of as winners. We want to invest in our youth and raise a generation of champions.

Champions Center

The “See Ya Later” Foundation has spent the last two years conducting feasibility studies and demographic research, and considering financial capacity and considerations. This work led to the preliminary design of the Champions Center.  This multi-purpose complex will change the landscape and outlook for our area’s youth and families while building a more cohesive and vibrant community. Together, we can create a place where dreams are born, where hope and love are shown to all, and where the heart and mind of a champion can be forged. The Champions Center will:

  • Promote Health and Well-being. Sports fields, court gyms, and fitness equipment will make health and wellness accessible to all.
  • Help Youth Excel Socially and Academically. Partnerships with other nonprofits to provide art, music, technology and mentoring at the Champions Center will support youth in gaining valuable life, academic and social skills.
  • Strengthen Our Local Economy. An outdoor amphitheater and regulation sports courts will make the Champions Center ideal for large-scale events, drawing visitors, and their dollars, to McMinnville year-round.
  • Support Other Nonprofits and Community Organizations. Local nonprofits and social service organizations will utilize the Center’s meeting rooms and facilities to offer their services.
  • Promote Spirituality. A non-denominational prayer room will provide a place for community members to reflect, to seek solace, and to offer prayer.
  • Build Community. A great hall for events, a commercial kitchen, a coffee shop, and a variety of meeting facilities will foster friendships and fun through gatherings great and small.

SYL Main Floor Concept Plan


The Champions Center will create an environment in which youth are engaged and inspired, families are supported and encouraged, and the community as a whole is uplifted. Creating such a place is no small feat but we believe in our community’s ability to make this vision a reality; and we’re off to a great start. The Scott Brosius family has graciously donated twenty acres of land upon which the Champions Center will be built.

The “See Ya Later” Foundation’s Board will be spending the next year working to refine the details of the Champions Center, solicit community input, and preparing to embark on a major capital campaign to raise money and support for its construction.

Please check back often as we will be posting updates on upcoming community feedback meetings, open Steering Committee positions, and other announcements. Thank you for your support!

Click here to Download Champions Center Flyer

Check out the YouTube Video on the Champions Center here

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